Broken in the Balance - Ascend is a not-yet-confirmed expansion for, of course, BITB.

It is currently consired unconfirmed because development has not offically started, seeing as though Arena Fighters is being developed as well.

Ascend only has a select few of characters from the BITB series, and has new features such as Tag Matches while online, Arcade mode, (returning) and more. If Arena Fighters Hits a certain point in development, then Ascend will be cancelled but the DLC One Last Stand will still be released.

"its technically for the better, if more focus was put into Arena Fighters. For one, money can be made off of it. Plus there is Cross Platform Multiplayer, Matchmaking, Ranked Ladders, Console Quality Visuals, and more. Not to mention, some of your favorites in BITB will be returning (in Arena Fighters) as (free) DLC. (Grant and Geese.)"

Quote from EventHubs members discussion with Twr.