"Test your skills for a chance at money, power, or both."

BattleUp is the name of the tournament that most of the characters participate in in Arena Fighters.


BattleUp was designed by Smite and Naxo as a way to have people come and go against each other in a even balanced environment, in order to prevent violence in the streets and other locations. People could also come to let out their rage on people, and in the end, it was a place for people to try to win Chi Orbs, a large sphere that, when consumed, helped people manipulate their energy in enhanced ways than they could previously use before.

The first tournament ever hosted was won by Daisuke, and the next fourteen was won by Smite. Technically speaking, other people won those, but the champion always had to face Smite and if they didn't win, they couldn't be considered champ. Tournaments 15 and 16 were won by Delta, and tournament 17 was suppose to be won by former co-creator Naxo, until he was mysteriously presumed assassinated by a unknown person. That tournament was considered a stalemate with no real winner.

Now, 15 years and 5 months later, a new tournament is going to be created, and the winner gains access to a new Chi Orb that can not only increase power, health, and mental spirit, it promises to extend their lifespan, quite possibly to make a person live to near immortality if used correctly. There is new contenders and people interested in the tournament, but there is one problem....

Previously, there was no risk with the members of the tournaments, but now there are evil minded people going to join, the leader of them known as Harna- a infected half-dragon half-human female that wants to manipulate the Chi Orb and use it to rip apart the planet and reform it into the way that she sees fit: which involves her and her fighters owning all territories and anyone else being enslaved.

...It is time for the 18th tournament. It is time to fight once again, this time for something greater than power or money.

Its time to fight for our life.