"If you wanna play, you gotta be hardcore."

-LTSonic (2009).

Bit OPS - Locked and (Re)Loaded is a modern adaptation of a unfinished 2d side scrolling project titled Bit Warfare, by Ltsonic (Twrmois in previous years.)

The game is generally simple. Run to the right, climb stuff, shoot enemies, and do not die, in single player or Co-Op.


Believe it or not, the game is 40000% harder than this picture.

That picture on the're gonna wish the game was as easy as it looks.

The entire game after level 3 plays at a difficulty similar to Twrmy Difficulty in Arena Fighters. There are also bonus appearances from other TwrWare Logic and series who appear as bosses or ingame pictures.

There are 15 Easter Eggs to find within the game and 3 subliminal messages (far less than Strife Trigger).

You can play on a computer or on a mobile device.

Release date is 8/1/15. Free Addons soon come after.