-Message shown upon preforming a successful Breaker in Arena Fighters.

A Breaker is a method of stopping a combo instantly (under most conditions) by taking off a bit of super meter and preforming a specific button combination.

In Broken in the Balance, a similar move existed, called the Guard Cancel, which allowed a player getting hit while blocking to instantly knock the opponent away while taking off most super meter.

In Arena Fighters, all characters have one of these, and a move called a Retaliation, which takes off more than half a meter, that has higher priority than any other move and knockes the opponent to the far side of the screen.

Trivia and Notes

  • In the Online Christmas beta, unreleased, the command list shows the move as Combo Breaker, and not Breaker.
  • A Manual Breaker can be preformed at any time, and is mainly used to extend combos in most cases.

Arena Fighters - Diving Air Combo Breaker

Arena Fighters - Diving Air Combo Breaker

Air Breaker