You've stumbled on something you're not suppose to see yet! Congratulations!

(Technically the name is Broken in the Balance 3.0)

BITB 3.0 is a future standalone expansion to Broken in the Balance. It features new modes, graphics, and multiplayer over TwrWare Live servers. Stat Tracking and Ranked matches make a return here. It can be played in high definition and with upscaled graphics. It is also the only version of BITB to be playable on a Mac.

Players can play team games and also play online with a local friend against another player/team online. Unlike BITB Revisted and after, there is no LAN play in this game, only online multiplayer. TwrWare Live servers for this game won't end for many years so that shouldn't be a problem. The game features 20 characters from the franchise.

It runs in an engine built from scratch and not the previously used Ikemen/Mugen engines.

Release Date: TBA 2016.

Thank you for playing....