Reference schedule for add-ons and offical updates for Arena Fighters.

Any character(s) that are unannounced are part of the game's story and will not be revealed too early.

Guest starring characters from other franchises do not fall under this category.

Season 1 (Beta)

Releases on July 20th or earlier.

Has the following content:

  • Online Multiplayer over TwrWare Live. (Revealed in v.0.95, but not selectable for testers.)
  • Corrupted Link.
  • The character Protozerker (for the Wave 1 testers of the TwrWare Title- "Legends of Spire".)
  • Other unreleased story characters.
  • Character Godfather T.

End Pre-Season (Beta)

Releases on July 18th or earlier.

Has the following content:

  • 48 hour Early access to the Online Multiplayer for the NgP Group. Mainly for making sure it is stable.
  • A special character that has been hidden for quite a while.
  • Necessary Bugfixes (already implemented)

Season 2 (Beta)

Release Date : TBA.

Has the following content:

  • New Character Outfits.
  • Other unreleased story characters.
  • Characters have their own detailed stories in Story Mode.

Season 3 (Beta)

Release Date: TBA. (Late 2015?)

Has the following content:

  • Stealth Zoka variant (Free gift for release of Strife Trigger Prolouge).
  • Possible additions to the Online Multiplayer section of the game
  • Two on Two team battles + Lobby Mode in Online Multiplayer + Spectator Mode.

Season 4

Release Date: TBA. (Very Late 2015/2016?)

Has the following content:

  • Story Mode has cinematic cutscenes by this point for ALL characters.
  • Free Addon: The Vocaloid Collection. (.)
  • The coming weeks afterward will involve the game being transferred from TwrWare Live to Steam. The transfer is free, and if you keep your copy before downloading the Steam Edition, you can transfer your save data as well. (Not for Android.)
  • Other unreleased story characters.

Seasons after the fourth one will be announced during Season 3.