The monolith is back.


Release Date: December 2015 (subject to change.) (Currently in Testing phase.)

Beta users can play starting November 24th.

Download Link: Appears Soon.

Decade Unlimited is the standalone sequel/addon to the first TwrWare title ever released titled Decade. It ran off of the OLX engine as a standalone game, and mainly involved shooting mortars at fast speeds with lightning quick grappling hooks. It originally was going to be a free game with two free addons, and other map packs that could be purchased for $0.49 throughout the months, however this changed before the paid DLC's released, and the game became fully free. The game began in Closed Beta in June 2013, and had a completely different concept than the final product. August 2013 started the second Closed Beta, which went on until September 2013, where the servers were said to be going down, which was actually due to a false statement read. In October 2013, the game went into a extended beta, and in December, the game left beta and was considered "released." Many patches and DLC packs were released, and the player base averaged about 100-200<. Clans were formed, and the competitive community was backed by a Elo system that was invented to ensure that balanced one-on-ones and clan wars were being played. The Elo system was not positively critized, because it did not replicate the player/team's true skill, only their win/loss ratio. (Fixed in Unlimited). In October 2014 and after, Patch 6.00 or the "Set the Rules" patch was invented, removing the ability to play Ranked games and promoting a more "casual" environment, allowing players to host their own servers and tweak literally everything about them. This patch drove alot of players away, due to there only being servers up that consisted of unplayable, broken user-made gametypes. When the playerbase was down to 6-13 people in early 2015, the servers were shut down by Twrmois and the game was considered dead.

In early 2015, When Broken in the Balance was mentioned to have a "remastered update" in 2016, there was a mention of another TwrWare title that would be brung back as well. Now, in late 2015, you are now reading what that title is. Refurbished and ready for action, Decade is back, free, forever, and better than ever.

Users with older clients of Decade can NOT play with Unlimited users, nor will they see their servers.


  • 24/7 Dedicated Servers housed in New York City, low latency.
  • Ranked Play is Back!
  • Support for automated Clan vs Clan matches.
  • Duel's are back, and players can rematch the opponent if both agree.
  • No need to forward ports.
  • Playlists are introduced, this lets players find a match based on a wanted gametype.
  • Only the best maps return. ("For Fun" maps will return in Community Playlists.)
  • Windows and Mac supported with cross platform multiplayer.

Upcoming Tournaments

  • 2v2 Post-Turkey Tournament - November 27th (beta.)