"United, we are unstoppable."

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Heroes of the Balance is an action sidescrolling co-op brawler available on a variety of platforms, including, but not limited to Windows, Mac, and Android. It features characters from Broken in the Balance and can be seen as an indirect sequel.


The game features co-op up to four players, and you can choose popular characters like Ryu, Geese, Karou, and more and go through many action filled levels and face boss characters from the game like the Metal Twins, Dark Geese, and more. There is also a Arena mode for going against other players. Combos are highly mixable, there are plenty of items to pick up and use, and when playing with multiple players, its a blast.

The game currently has a release date of Summer 2017. This will be the last Broken in the Balance related release, right after Broken in the Balance: Anniversary Edition, which releases August 27th- a homage to the day that BITB development first started (not its first beta, that came later), August 27th, 2013. This releases only for Windows platforms and contains plenty of characters, modes, and auto-updating.