"Operations: A intense, 10v10 gametype found only in Morado. Participate in dynamic 30+ Minute Attack and Defend missions based on current TwrWare lore."

View the ingame description for more. Note that players need to agree to a license agreement before playing this gametype.

Gamemode is wild with subliminal messages.

Beginner Operations

  • Operation Static - Red Defends a power plant, Blue has to breach in and stop them.
  • Operation Savage - Red defends a travelling target, Blue has to eliminate the target.

Advanced/Special Operations

  • Operation Akuma - Red Defends various syringes from Blue, if Blue team gets any, their entire team gets a major stat buff. If the syringes are not secured, it moves on to Stage 2, where Red has to defend their current factory and prevent Blue from planting a bomb there.
  • Operation Riot - Red has to escort a target to a facility, as well as defend the target when inside from Blue forces. The target then has to upload a database file to a network. If the target is disturbed, Red instantly loses. To win, Red has to defend the target and allow it to complete all objectives.
  • Operation Dubs - Red escorts a target to a target, Blue has to stop them. Killing the target equals supreme victory for Blue.
  • Operation LURK - Red has to stay stationary in a aircraft holding bay with plenty of defenses, while Blue has to go in and eliminate them. (Red only has 90 respawns.)
  • Operation Trips: Dubs Pt.2 - Red escorts a target to a communications tower, the target has to stay alive for 5 minutes and has 3000 HP. Blue can win by eliminating the target, or eliminating all of Red's respawns. Killstreaks and Aircraft can be used in this mode.
  • Operation Freeze (Part of the Cold War DLC.) - Red has to get into and restore power in a communications relay station, and Blue has to trail behind and stop them.

Info and Trivia

  • A Tour of Duty pass is obtained every time the user completes and wins each operation once, in Multiplayer. Bot games count, but the difficulty may be harder than human players.
  • The gametype was featured in The Naturals (TwrWare Series), as a actual episode. Operation Dubs and Riot appear in their own individual episodes.