"With Morado being free this weekend on Steam for a limited time, I figured I should share some of the easter eggs that can be found on the Beta maps here."


Simple Easter Eggs

The Light - Max out the Graphics settings of the game (Except AA), and enable motion blur. Afterwards on a map such as Rise or Standoff, go to the closest corner, look into it downwards-diagonally, then turn around quickly and look up. For you, the sky will look like it is brightning and about to explode for 3 seconds.

Advanced Easter Eggs

Fenrir - In any game mode, on the map Rise, go into the communications tower and look at the control panel, and crouch and shoot at it with a Shotgun while moving forward (you need to make sure this weapon is in your class setup!) you will appear to be outside the boundaries of the map to other players. But it doesn't end there. Keep going forward until you reach a large empty room that contains a door. Open the door with E, and a Shock Trooper will step out with a SMG. Although you may be tempted, do NOT shoot him. Instead go near him, and slowly back away and make sure he follows you until you reach the hole you came from, then equip your melee weapon, turn around, and run quickly. If done correctly, you should receive the achievement "Fenrir" and also the achievement "Thy Mood Consumed". (Read the achievement details to know how and why you received them) Not only this, you may notice the trooper did not follow you, but instead his gun will be in your inventory and you will receive the electric baton that he had concealed.

OneShot - In any game mode, on any map, while bunnyhopping and facing the opposite direction by preforming a very specific trickjump, hit a opponent with a melee attack. If done correctly, it will count as a instant backstab and deal 100 damage, resulting in a instant kill, hence the name OneShot. When preformed, your character will shout "He/She's Oneshot!" a term commonly used by MLG players to mention that a enemy needs one hit to die.

Subliminal Messages

There are a vast amount in Morado, quite possibly more than any other TwrWare game. The beta contains about 25, but the full game contains nearly 100. When you find them, there will be no on screen notification on them, you may just earn a achievement, and there may be a soft sound played. We would list some here, but that would ruin the surprise.