Nace in latest versions.

Nace is a playable character in the alpha builds of Arena Fighters.

Gameplay and History

Nace was released at the end of Pre-Alpha Season 2 (basically 2016). She had a much different design, and was actually a clone of Twrm at the time. In that patch, Twrm received a rework that involved him having a sword, and his old moveset was popular among testers, so Nace was made to keep his old moveset. Throughout patches afterwards, she received plenty of balance patches, and eventually her own unique moveset. Nace has unique character interactions with Twrm, Noriko, and Miho. The continue screen, since 2016, actually shows a unreleased design of both Twrm and Nace standing, looking at the player.

She has moves that are talored toward aggressive players, as well as players that like to take their time and punish mistakes made by their enemy. She is also one of few characters who can preform extended air combos.

The upcoming May 2016 patch for Arena Fighters gives Nace a bunch of gameplay edits which she hasn't had in a while.

The name Nace is a play on the name Grace, the name of someone special to the sole developer of the game.