Welcome to TwrWare Live! This guide assumes that you are soon about to dive into the world of Arena Fighters Online Multiplayer, but it is applied to other TwrWare titles as well.

Rules and Guidelines

  • Hacking equals an instant ban.
  • Username Changes need to be verified
  • Help is always available.

How to Rank Up?/Earn Experience?

You earn Experience Points (XP) by playing Ranked and Social Multiplayer. You earn more experience by playing with friends and people that you know, and playing constant Ranked games with skill balanced players.

What are Variants/Skins?

Skins are alternate costumes for characters in Arena Fighters. A Variant is the same, but can contain stat changes and new/changed moves.

What is a Ranked Doubles Team?

Two players who acsend the ranked leaderboards together, and share bonuses. They also earn XP Multiplier Bonuses.

What is a Clan?

A group of players who use a Clan Tag for identification, and share bonuses together.

How do Clan Wars work?

This hasn't been implemented yet.

What is a Probation/Noob Flag?

This means you have been a disturbance to other players (leaving the match prematurely in a ranked game.) or using excessive offensive language/terms just because you are losing. This does not mean you are banned however. Also, you will not be listed as a Noob if you are new or bad at the game, only if you are a disturbance.

What is a Backer?

A player who supported the development of Arena Fighters by donating $.

What is a MGM Team?

Two players who acsend the MGM leaderboards together, and share bonuses. Typically one of each gender is on each duo. They also earn XP Multiplier Bonuses.

What is a XP Multiplier?

It is used to help the player earn more Experience Points. Multiple bonuses can be stacked for faster XP.

Can I transfer my data from Arena Fighters PC to Android?

No. But you can keep your Multiplayer progress. Achievements are not transferred and neither is Single Player progress.

What is Job Compensation/Relationship Compensation?

Not used in any TwrWare title at the moment. It is a XP multiplier earned from getting into a verified relationship or getting a verified job (Facebook required) and the multipier is earned to avoid the player from being distracted too much on leveling up, and more on their job/partner.

If I earn a Cash Prize/Physical Prize, what happens?

You will be informed on it.

I have more questions, where do i ask?

Skype: Ltsonic

Kik: Twrmois