Reroll, Rerolling, or Reroll Tokens are a form of virtual currently points in various Twrware content.

Rerolling is the act of starting a games user progress back to the beginning, (Multiplayer Components). It does not restart the stats of the user, or any leaderboard or ladder progress they are in. Depending on the game itself, depends on what happens when the Reroll occurs.

In Nearly Perfect, a Reroll Token can be purchased for $4.99 USD that will allow the user at any point in time to reset their character progress to level 1, and receive a special emblem and untradable items. They will also get random rare items while Rerolled. Once Rerolling at any point of the game, the Reroll title is permament and you will always get the random rare items while playing. Players can level up to level 100, afterward, the game automatically adjusts itself to continue leveling in small xp cap increments. Besides buying a token with money, a Reroll can be earned as soon as the player hits level 100, one token after every 100 completed missions, or if the player reaches 100% Game Completion. (Bonus title acheived, more info in the actual game's wiki)

In Redacted OPS a Reroll can be used to reset your social stats and leaderboard stats (optional, if added in email request.) Ranked stats, Ranked Leaderboards, and Clan leaderboards do not get effected by this. Rerolls in this game cannot be paid with money, only with CGP earned within the game or other games.