Something new and unique.

The Arena is a upcoming competitive hub for select upcoming TwrWare games. Currently Arena Fighters is the only supported title. (Spring 2015 or later.)

It is used to allow players to win real cold hard cash, free content, and more. No, there is no gambling involved/permitted. There are two styles of play, Pickup Games and All or Nothing.

In Summer 2015, it will be transferred onto the FaceIt hub and playable over GameBattles.

Pickup Games

In these, you simply do competitive matches and earn ladder points to rise up the ranks. These points are reset at the end of every two weeks, and at the end the month, the top participating players will participate in a private tournament. Some of these ladders and tourneys can have cash prizes!

All or Nothing

In All or Nothing battles, you go against another player/team competitively, and you both put real money on the line. If you win, you earn your placed amount and your opponents amount. If you lose, you forfeit the amount of money you placed. Wagers cannot be higher than $10, unless you contact the Staff and request that it is permitted. We have the inital restriction because we would not like to see someone lose a very large amount of money off of one match, we think $10 as the highest is a okay number.