"Find friends, clan members, and new rivals faster and easier than ever before." - Description of The Lobby.

The Lobby is a social service for Arena Fighters that allows players to chat with their friends and random players about the game, and issue challenges. It is free, and available for any and all platforms that Arena Fighters is playable on.


Allows the player to talk to others while in the menus, and in the character select screen and while searching for a online game. During a match it can be used or minimized (think MMOs that have a active chat at the bottom left.) If the player wants to, they can talk in a private group chat rather than any public chat. (Great for Clans.)

This is also the reason why TwrWare on IRC is no longer maintained.


To use, you simply hop into either the Public chat channel, or search for a custom one or make your own. Moderated chats usually have info and, as stated, are moderated by..well moderators. The following channels are moderated and official.

  • !Public (Self Explanatory)
  • !<Released DLC Title Here> (Typically has info regarding a DLC pack that just released.
  • !Help (For help and support.)
  • !<Tournament Title Here> (For major offical upcoming tournaments.)

If it starts with a exclamation point, its official.


There are extra commands you can use in chat for other features. Some are not listed, and others are secrets.

  • /motd - View the Message of the Day.
  • /dlcinfo - View the info for the more recent DLC that has released.
  • /reconnect - Leave the current chat channel and reconnect.
  • /coop <playername> - Ask the specified player to play a Co-Op Game.
  • /mgm <playername> or <teamid> - (Not yet implemented)
  • /ranked2 - Challenge a Ranked Doubles team to a match.
  • /quick - Find a match in the specific channel you are in.
  • /spar - Find and contact a online player in chat who is the same rank as you.
  • /clearcache - DEVELOPERS ONLY (Used to reduce chat lag if too many messages are approaching.)
  • /jam - secret
  • /bso - Only MGM teams can use this.
  • /sstatus - Shows your current Story Mode status to other players. (On a side note, to achieve 100% Story completion, you need ALL characters and their variants unlocked and need to complete Story with ALL of them.)
  • .update - Force a client update.
  • .bitb - Forceably unlock the bonus Lord Twins, only if the game did not detect that you own Broken in the Balance. This grants you Lord Twrmois and Lord Karou (the OP characters from the May 2014 update of BITB) and also two bonus characters related to the two.
  • .masterreset - Reset your Stats completely. Does NOT include Ranked progress.
  • .top - View the top player of Arena Fighters.