First Episode: "Meet the Cast/Operation Dubs" (Season 1)

Last Episode: "The Replacements! Part IV" (Season 3)

The Naturals is a text based series made by Twrmois. It was previously streamed every Saturday night until the Season 3 closer. It then got branched off into the other Twrmois series, Twrmz Interlude.

The Naturals started in 2014, and ended in early 2015.


The series goes through the adventures of various characters, who live in the town of Spire, TW, and go through a bunch of epic adventures. Intended for mature audiences, it gives a fresh new look on already existing social problems. It takes place sometime before the events of Impeccable and is a mix between a comedy, drama and a action series. Besides Ensense and Twrmois, other characters from TwrWare content appear here, even Lix from Arena Fighters appears, and there are locations revealed such as Haven from Nearly Perfect.

Currrent Info

Number of Seasons: 3.

Number of Chapters: 25.