"Earn extra benefits. Stick out from the competition, you are a member of the elite few, a Prime user."

-Ad for TwrWare Prime.

TwrWare Prime is a subscription that can be applied to a user, or earned. Typically, players who are affliated with twrmois in real life have the subscription already. There are Prime benefits for Arena Fighters, Phoenix Rising Online, and Nearly Perfect. (Currently Arena Fighters has already developed support, the other two coming soon.) Backers are Prime members as default.

Arena Fighters Benefits

  • Extra Variants and Skins specifically for Prime users only.
  • Experience Multiplier (XP) by default is 25% extra bonuses, combined in a Ranked Doubles game that is 50%, and combined in a MGM 2v2 Private Match that can lead up to 75% of a XP Bonus at the end of all matches, and if it is 10 or more matches in one session with friends, the boost can rise up to 200%.
  • Play the game early, obviously.
  • Receive DLC access early.
  • Double XP every Friday, Spring Break, Winter Break, during the entire summer, and on Weeknights during the Longer Nights yearly event (A period of time that starts on 9/20 of every year and ends when Daylight Savings ends.)

More to come.