(Part of the NewAge Collection.)

The Twrminus OS is a dangerously fast and far advanced operating system that can be installed and ran onto any computer. It can be Dual Booted, in other words, installed next to a windows installation, and every time the user turns on their computer, they will be asked if they want to start Windows or the Twrminus. (Check and make sure your computer or laptop has this feature.) Testing Beta Release date is 4/9/15 or fewer. Development on the OS started in April/May 2014. With it, users technically can replace their Windows installation with the Twrminus OS, because it will have everything that they already need. (Comparing to Windows 7/8/8.1, Windows 10 is unsure.)


What makes the OS so powerful? It can do everything Windows can, but plenty more. It is designed for gamers, art designers, and multitaskers. A TwrWare Live ID is required to sign in to save your content (Saved Games in TwrWare games, user documents, etc.) Other accounts for other services can be signed into the Twrminus with ease. Similar to how smartphones can receive notifications for any signed in process on the phone, the Twrminus can do the same.

Small list of features:

  • Mass Multitasking
  • Unlocks the hidden power of ANY machine, making it go much faster than normal
  • Auto-Updates any TwrWare game, and sends notifications for news concerning a particular game.
  • Desktop Notifications/In-Game Social Notifications- (Currently supports Facebook Messages and Notifications, Email, Gmail Notifications, Skype calls and notifications, Kik Messenger Notifications, Twrminus OS Updates, YouTube notifications, plenty more.) This is one of the most developed feature of the OS.
  • Sync SmartPhone to receive its notifications on your desktop.
  • "Do not Disturb" Mode allows the user to appear offline in all signed in apps temporaily.
  • TwrWare games have enhanced content for Twrminus OS users. (Or content that can ONLY be accessed with a Twrminus.)
  • Epic Themes/layout.

"Feel innovated, Feel free, Feel in control."