"The next big thing is upon us."

Windows 10 (ten) is the latest build for the Windows platform of computers. It released 7/29/15. Yes this page will mostly talk about compatibility.

Working Games

The following titles work completely fine.

  • Arena Fighters (Windows 8.1 and before.)
  • Strife Trigger Prologue (Windows 10 64-Bit)
  • Strife Trigger Prologue (Windows 7 32-Bit/64-bit)

Untested Games

The following titles are not tested.

  • Anything Unlisted above or below.
  • Strife Trigger Prologue on a 32 Bit Windows 10 machine.
  • Strife Trigger Prologue on Windows Vista/XP

Non-Working Games

The following titles have been reported by users as non-working.

  • Redacted OPS (Crashes at splash screen or does not get past the intro, sometimes doesn't run at all. This can be fixed by using the -forceupdate command when launching from a shortcut, allowing the menu to open but it crashes when starting a map/joining a server.)
  • Decade (Cannot host or join servers. EDIT: Game crashes upon playing Campaign.)
  • Arena Fighters for Windows 10 (Does not launch, developer problem, in progress of being fixed.)