"Fair Advantage or Unfair Disadvantage? Depends on how you use it."

Wingman is a play style for Arena Fighters which came as a part of the development testers update in late December. It first was available in Co-op only but can be played in Versus as well. Recommended to use controllers. Not to be confused with Team Versus.

It allows two players to control the same exact character, either at the same time, taking turns during a round, or after each round. When used correctly it can have good results.


In the controls tab of the Options menu, there is a "Secondary" tab. Configuring the tab for the first player, makes those controls the controls for the first player's Wingman (Co-op or Versus), and vice versa for the second player (up to four players, eight on Tag modes.)

In Solo, there isn't a difference between switching between the primary and secondary controls. When Wingman is enabled, there are tweaks made to the response time between the game receiving two inputs from two different controls for one player. Wingman can be used in many different ways, one of the suggested ways was alternating between rounds/half a round, and it can also be used to have one player do a combo, (usually ones that knock the enemy into the air,) and have the Wingman player finish the combo. When used smart, it can make for some fun games, especially with four players.

To play Wingman, simply choose "Wingman Co-Op" to play co-op, or in the Multiplayer menu (named Versus in latest build, named Multiplayer in development build), choose "Wingman Versus". One player can go against a player and a wingman (3 players.) if necessary

Wingman is enabled by default in Online modes.