Winner Stays is a multiplayer gamemode in Arena Fighters.

Simply saying, it is a 2-32 player gametype in which players assemble in a lobby and are placed in a queue, and the top two players go at it, and the loser goes to the back of the queue and the next player faces the winner. Typically like a group of friends playing in a Arcade in real life. Playing this gamemode with friends grants XP Bonuses for all players.

Info and Trivia

  • Obviously, the more players in a session, the more the game might possibly lag. Assuming that you are in a full 32 player room and everyone has good internet, the framerate may only drop from 60 to 58, which is not so bad.
  • Because the action is shown to spectators in realtime at the same pace and such as the players playing, if a spectator were to lag, it can lag the match in progress. If the lag is persistant from the same player, then the spectator will be intentionally desynced until the match is over.
  • Dedicated Servers run this game mode by default.